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Letter to the Editor on Donald Trump:

Francisco Reyes  |  Issue: October | November 2015

Editor’s note: Reader Francisco Reyes responds to a People’s Tribune article entitled, “Attack on Immigrants Aims to Cultivate a Fascist Movement” in its August, 2015 issue.

Can I sue Donald Trump for defamation of character?

My parents brought me to the U.S. from Mexico. I am a proud father of two children. My wife and I have taught our two kids to be honest, have a good work ethic and integrity. We are proud of their degrees from prestigious universities.

I worked twenty plus years without missing a day of work, even when sick. Now Donald Trump, possibly the future president of the United States, is telling my kids that I’m a criminal and a rapist, expelled from Mexico because of my criminal activity.

Promoting hate to gain the presidency should not be tolerated. Either he gives names and clears mine, or pays for defaming my honor.

Donald Trump is not a late night comedian, he is aiming for the Presidency of the U.S.. People believe what he says. Can I sue Donald Trump to clear my name?

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