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On the Significance of the Rev. Edward Pinkney Trial

From the Editors, People’s Tribune  |  Issue: January 2015

It was a sad day for justice in America. Rev. Edward Pinkney, a staunch leader in the struggle for justice and for the needs of the poorest workers in the community of Benton Harbor, MI, was convicted of changing dates on petitions for the recall of a mayor that the community believes is a “yes man” for the Whirlpool Corporation. There was no evidence to convict him. This case is about Rev. Pinkney’s political activity on behalf of the people and against the corporations. For this he could be separated from his family and community for untold years.

This case shows the consolidation of the power of the corporations. For a long time, they have been setting aside the spirit of the Constitution. Now they are setting aside the word of it. They are trying to create a situation where you can’t stand up to them. When you run the risk of being thrown in jail for recalling a public official, it shows how dangerous the political environment is. How do you convict someone when there is no evidence?

Michigan is a test case and model for the complete fascist takeover of America. These situations are going to be happening more and more. We need to fight every attack wherever they arise. The question is: who is going to control society? Will the corporations control it in their interests or will the people control it in their interests? The future is up to us.

To read more on Rev. Pinkney’s conviction go to our website, tribunodelpueblo.org

The Tribuno del Pueblo is your paper. Send your stories. We encourage our readers to send donations for Rev. Pinkney’s appeal. Send to BANCO, 1940 Union Street, Benton Harbor, MI 49022.

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